Tatty Ava

A children’s book about a little girl who finds something new in the tangles and tats every time she brushes her magical curly hair.

The Scary Sunflower

A humorous story, written for children by a child. With a writing activity included, to help other children write their own stories too.

Tatty Ava Colouring Book

The Tatty Ava Colouring book, is a fun book for colouring in to use alongside the story of Tatty Ava.



STEM or STEAM education?
STEM or STEAM education, is what we are discussing in todays blog! What do they mean and why is it important for us to know? STEM and STEAM are both educational approaches They...
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The science of Bubbles!
Bubbles are a fascinating and captivating sight that never ceases to amaze people of all ages. Children, in particular, are drawn to the magical world of bubbles and love to explore...
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Fun explosive experiments!
Fun explosive experiments might sound dangerous, but it’s the complete opposite! In todays blog post, we explore 4 fun explosive science experiment that can be easily made using two...
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The magic star experiment
The magic star experiment, what is this?! Well you are about to find out why this simple science experiment appears so magical. Not only do children experience the magic and excitement...
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The Skittles science experiment!
Skittles are perfect for this experiment, but you might be able to use other sweets. The skittles science experiment is one of our post loved colourful and fun science experiments...
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How Reading benefits. Child’s bedtime routine can be reading with your child. This image depicts from a child an adult reading a story from a view similar to if you were reading the story with them.
How Reading Benefits a Childs Bedtime Routine
Reading benefits a child’s bedtime routine and can be an enjoyable way to read books. We can probably agree that reading any time of day has fantastic benefits. So why is reading at...
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