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5 fun bird watching activities for kids

Have you ever joined in with The Big Bird Watch, which is annually ran by the RSPB each year in the UK? This is an event that we love, not only because it helps us learn about and appreciate all the different species of birds around us, but also because it is an opportunity to go outside. It gives us a focus on a simple free day out in the park, or even in the garden (as with this year’s theme). And gives us interesting topics to explore. 

Here are some fun activities to do alongside bird watching whether it’s the during the big bird watch or any time of year: 

1. Read books about birds!

Read some fun books about birds! Some of our favourites are “A busy day for birds”, “The big book of Birds” and of course “Tatty Ava” has some birds that come out of her hair!

Tatty Ava by Layla Gibiliru

2. Get crafting!

Create some bird themed crafts! You could also make bird handprints, bird puppets or an origami bird. 

Blue bird hand print.

3. Feed the birds.

Make a bird feeder! We love creating bird feeders with pine cones, but you could actually just feed the ducks in a pond for a fun bird related activity.

Feeding ducks on land.

4. Look after the birds.

Bird house making can help birds have a safe and warm house during the winter and are so fun to put together.

Wooden bird house

5. Make a nest!

A science experiment of making your own bird’s nest and seeing if yours can withstand harsh winds! You could do this by leaving your birds next outside or bringing it inside and (an adult safely) blowing it with a hair dryer. Did it stay together? How do birds make their nests so strong?  

Will you try these 5 fun bird watching activities for kids?

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