The best Binoculars for kids!

The best binoculars for kids made easy with our list of best finds! If you are thinking about going Bird watching after reading our “bird watching benefits to children’s mental health” or because you want to use them for a different adventure, we have you covered! This is our list of our Five best finds:

1. Shockproof binocular set

These shock proof binocular set is number one in our list because they are fantastic for kids. They have a protective thick rubber outing for Kids who move and play a lot and May drop their binoculars. And honestly this will help most children! It also comes with a protective case, which helps protect them even more and is useful for carrying them before intending to use them.

2. High power binoculars

These high power binoculars are great for older children who are a bit more tech savvy. They come with a smart phone adapter so you can attach your phone and take photographs of anything you spot. They are waterproof, fog proof and include anti-slip grip. They also come with a case and are perfect for the adventurous explorer.

3. Microscope and Telescope

Having the combination of both a microscope and telescope gives these binoculars an advantage above others. It gives the ability to explore objects at a distance and study smaller animals, but or plants up close. It also has a screen rather than relying on squinting close to lense to see. This can make it easier to explore and expand knowledge, with the ability to see more.

4. The outdoor explorer kit

The outdoor explorer kit does not only contain binoculars, but also contained a magnifying kit, a torch and bug exploring tools. It is an extremely fun kit aimed at ages 6-12 and is definitely a fun introduction to exploring. Because of the range of items provided, children can use this kit to bird watch, to explore bugs or for a fun night time adventure camping or at home.

5. Mini Compact binoculars

Using mini compact binoculars can have the same result as using regular size binoculars, yet they are perfect for when you don’t have a lot of space. This could be because you are going on a long walk and don’t want to carry too much or if you are going camping and need to pack light. Whatever the reason, these mini compact binoculars may be for you and what’s great is they are so lightweight, they can even be carried in your pocket.

If you decide to choose one of these binoculars from our list or find a different pair to use, enjoy exploring on your adventures and keep checking our blogs for more fun ideas to do with your children.

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