How Reading benefits. Child’s bedtime routine can be reading with your child. This image depicts from a child an adult reading a story from a view similar to if you were reading the story with them.

How Reading Benefits a Childs Bedtime Routine

Reading benefits a child’s bedtime routine and can be an enjoyable way to read books. We can probably agree that reading any time of day has fantastic benefits. So why is reading at bedtime any different? One of our aims as parents is to create a calming and relaxing bedtime routine for our child. Because Reading requires stillness and provides calm, it can be a perfect opportunity to include reading as part of your child’s bedtime routine. And this is only one of the ways reading improve children’s overall physical and mental well-being.

Here are some reasons why you should be thinking about including reading before bedtime:

Reading improves relaxation and reduces stress

Reading before bed can help children to relax. After a stimulating and busy day, children need space to relax away from screens. This can reduce any stress levels and anxiety they may be feeling. When a child reads, they escape into a different world, leaving their worries and troubles behind. This can help to calm their minds and prepare them for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Benefits Vocabulary and language skills

Reading is a great way for children to expand their vocabulary and language skills. As they read, they are exposed to new words, grammar structures, and expressions that they may not have encountered before. This gives a better understanding of the world and can help to improve their language abilities. By improving their implementation of language and understanding, children can also improve academically, socially and emotionally.

Provides an opportunity to connect with your child.

Most of us know the funny questions that can happen before bedtime, when we are wanting our child to go to sleep. These can sometimes be frustrating along with the last minute ask for water, which can feel like a ploy to get out of sleeping. But the reason why children ask a number of questions at this time is because it is a calm time and it is time that they have with just you. Engaging in these conversations can be extremely beneficial to both you and your child, it can allow you to connect through conversation, and give you time being together. Reading provides a topic of conversation during this time, it allows you to cuddle and talk about the story in front of you and just be present in that time together.

How Reading benefits a child’s bedtime routine can be a family activity, as displayed in this image. A family of two adults and two children enjoy reading a book under a indoor tent. This can make reading a time to connect.

For more ideas on how to find moments to connect with your child, check out “Finding mutual joy in parenting” by Emily Hughes, founder of Finding Flow Parenting.

Enhances imagination and creativity

As children get older they may choose to read alone or still enjoy that time with you reading together. It’s always important to do what’s best for you and your family. Whether your child reads alone or with you, they have the opportunity of being transported to new worlds, filled with fantasy creatures, magical powers and endless possibilities. Reading helps stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity. This can help to expand children’s minds and encourage their own imagination to flow!

Encourages a love of books

Illustration of the story of Tatty Ava, a perfect book to read as part of a child’s bedtime routine.
Illustration from the story of Tatty Ava.

Finally, reading can help to instill a love of books in children and with a love of books can come a love of learning. When children discover the joy of reading, they are more likely to seek out new books and develop a lifelong love of learning. This can have a positive impact on their academic and personal development, as well as their overall well-being.

In conclusion, reading can play an important role in a child’s bedtime routine. It promotes relaxation, improves language skills, enhances imagination and creativity, and encourages a love of learning and books! So, why not get started today and see the benefits reading at bedtime could have on your child.

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