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The benefits of setting goals with your child

Setting goals can be beneficial for both adults and children, but as a parent, while we are always planning for our child, we may overlook the benefits of children setting targets for themselves.

Here are some ways setting goals can help benefit your child:

Setting Goals helps with independence.

A child setting their own goals isn’t just about the end result, it’s actually far from it. Setting goals can help a child self reflect and realise that they can make a difference to their own life. This can increase independence as they get older, in the simple realisation that they are responsible for their own choices and actions.

Your child may feel reduced anxiety.

All children can struggle with feeling that they have no choice in matters that regard them, as it can be always parents or teachers making decisions for them. Children particularly with ASD and ADHD find this a difficult concept to grasp and can even develop symptoms of anxiety, if they are not given enough choices throughout their day. By you supporting your child set and reach their own goals, you give them a sense of control and ownership of their own lives. This is extremely beneficial leading up to adulthood. As a result, can reduce anxiety and improve confidence in their own ability.

It can help with problem solving skills.

Eventhough, the aim here is to set a goal for themselves, things don’t always go to plan. This is where problem solving comes into play. Children will learn how to problem solve depending on what goes wrong. For example, it could be your child aims to make ther bed every morning, but one day he/she wakes up late and forgets. A simple solution is to make his/her bed when they get home. Another solution to this problem, could be to go to bed earlier and set an alarm for the following morning.

These simple solutions improve overall problem solving ability. It can help your child persist in life when things go wrong and not give up. This determined attitude can help your child achieve whatever they set their mind to.

Self-esteem and self worth can improve.

Overall, with the combination of improved independence, confidence and the ability to problem solve, your child’s self esteem should improve. Putting the steps in place that allow your child to set their own targets, should also promote self worth. This is because of the self reflective practice that is needed when setting your own goals.

It can improve decision making ability.

Alongside this reflective process, your child is also practicing their ability to make decisions. Even some adults struggle with this task. So if your child can master the ability to make their own decisions, they will benefit extremely. This does not mean that their decision always has to be right. Even some of the best decision makers, make mistakes. It is about their ability to confidently decide something and then reflect on their decision afterwards. By setting a goal for themselves, they actively begin the process of practicing confidence to make their own decisions.

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