Recently we teamed up with 7 other creative accounts on Instagram to get some ideas on how to encourage reading and writing skills in children. These are some of our favourites:

Hide and Seek Letters

From shares fun, creative ideas that make learning into play. For this challenge shared a phonics activity combined with sensory play. She hid letters in coloured rice for her child to find and then create words with the letters.

Adding helpful learning tools

Leapingintolearning is all about phonics and helping children learn how to read and write. She shared with us some brilliant resources she uses to help making phonics fun. Check this out to see her fun suggestions.

Combine it with another theme

From @teachingterrifictoddlers

One of the main methods that Chamelifun stands by is making learning part of something a child enjoys. Teachingterrifictoddlers shows how this can be done by combining phonics into a current theme in this fun autumn matching game:

Work on rhyming skills

From @tastefullearning

Rhyming is a vital skill for early reading and writing skills, it helps create word families by associating different sounds with different words so children can eventually be able to read more words. Tastefullearning shared this fun print resource she found showing an easy fun way of representing rhyming words. She also shows other activity’s on how to learn word families

Teach how to hold a pencil correctly

Pencil grip can be a difficult skill for a child to master, but simple techniques can be used to help assist in teaching this skill. Magnifisteam shows us this simple technique on how to help your child gain the confidence to learn this skill, with minimal prep needed.

Make it magical

From @primaryschoolthemes

One of our favourite ways to make learning fun is to make learning magical. We love sharing ideas on our Instagram page that seem to make letters and numbers appear out of nowhere and recognise that this can really capture the imagination of children. We love this idea by @Primarylessonthemes where instead she allows the children to make the magic happen by encouraging them to draw letters and words with a magic wand. A great Halloween themed idea or for a child that loves witches and wizards.

Mirror a love of books

Children learn best by seeing parents/ caregivers example. millennial_mommyhood points out how our love of books can simply motivate and encourage children to want to read and see reading as a regular enjoyable part of every day life. Check out her page and the other seven accounts for more ways to encourage reading and writing skills in children.

Try this activity while reading Tatty Ava, for a fun way to practice reading and writing skills or check out our other story books and choose what type of story your child would enjoy.