All about Tatty Ava

Tatty Ava is a fun, caring character who’s adventures start with brushing her hair.

Tatty Ava was initially created by author, Layla Gibiliru in an attempt to encourage her daughter Ava to brush her hair. It worked really well and Tatty Ava began going on all sorts of adventures, which led Layla to release Tatty Ava for all children to enjoy.

The character, Tatty Ava, is a little girl with magical curly hair and when she brushes her long beautiful  hair she finds something new and exciting. 

These unusual objects and animals lead Tatty Ava to make fun friends and help her new friends in unexpected ways.

With Tatty Ava’s determined attitude she can do anything, which is clear to see from the first Tatty Ava book, which has plans to become a sequel.

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