The quote “A goal without a plan, is just a wish” written in black, against a blue background. This has been used as part of the discussion on if setting a New Year’s resolution is right for your child and also to help understand why it is important to plan when making a goal.
How to set a goal with your child.
Initially it may seem easy to set a goal, but often people enjoy thinking about the plan and often forget the end result of actually making it a reality. That is the plan. So just how to we plan to achieve...
An open book that features the quote “everyday is a fresh start” to help with setting goals.
The benefits of setting goals with your child
Setting goals can be beneficial for both adults and children, but as a parent, while we are always planning for our child, we may overlook the benefits of children setting targets for themselves. Here...
Scrabble letters spelling the words “to do” against a black background with a yellow square piece of paper ready for your child to plan their own New Year’s resolution.
20 New Year’s resolution ideas for children.
If you read “Should your child make a New Year’s resolution?”, you will have saw the comparison of larger aspirations compared to simpler, more achievable goals. Although, we love big and exciting goals...
Happy New Year written with colourful scrabble letters, while regular scattered scrabble letters surround it. This is to compliment the article about New Year’s resolutions.
Should your child make a New Year’s resolution?
Most people can agree, that improving ourselves should not be decided only when New Year’s Day approaches and should be a continuous, reflective process throughout the year. But there is something about...
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