Educational visits & Workshops

Our aim with visits and workshops, is to make learning fun and we do this with books!

We believe that if books are fun, reading and writing will also be fun and enjoyable for children.

By working in partnership with schools we are able to deliver exciting and engaging visits and workshops to help encourage children to have a life long love of books.

How we make books fun:

✅Engaging children with conversations about books

✅Book related activities and worksheets

✅keeping up to date with research from the national literacy trust and educational developments to improve our sessions.

✅Inspiring children to want to write and illustrate their own stories.

✅Sharing fantastic stories!

Story Reading


“Tatty Ava is always borrowed from our school library after your visit!”

“The children have been so excited about writing, since you came in”

“The children have loved learning about illustration”


Recent Events

Upcoming Events

Join our story marathon

For this event, we will be giving schools the opportunity to receive free books, alongside joining a virtual story reading session with other schools. Children can ask questions about the story or about the author and enjoy listening to the story of Tatty Ava being read by author, Layla Gibiliru.

A perfect way to help children maintain their enthusiasm for books over the summer holidays and also stock up the school library with a new and exciting story, ready for children to enjoy after the summer break.

Affordable for schools

We want all children to be able to enjoy books, so rather than charging, we instead ask schools to buy 5-10 books. 

To allow us to continue offering our in person and virtual workshops, Author visits and events, we also ask schools to offer parents the opportunity to buy signed copies of books. This supports us, so we can continue planning educational programs at a low cost..

we also occasionally offer educational packs, educational story related worksheets and promotional offers. 

We are always wanting to learn what schools and children would like to receive out of our services. If you would like to request a service from us or enquire about any existing service, please email us at

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