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This hand workout kit can be perfect to strengthen hand and finger muscles, which can be useful for handwriting development. Children with ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia and other neurological developmental diagnoses may struggle with poor fine motor development. Another reason for poor fine motor development can be because of increased use of electronics.

By using this hand workout kit, children can build much needed hand and finger muscles strength and can easily incorporate using this equipment in every day life. For example while watching Tv, while on a car journey or while listening to music are some situations that you could use this kit.

The Squeeze balls and donuts, as well as the finger stretches can be used as a fidget tool or for stress relief, which can be particularly helpful for children and adults with ADHD or Anxiety.

If a child is struggling with poor fine motor development, you may notice that they avoid handwriting or really dislike writing and they may complain of sore hands or fingers or the time taking to write. This could then effect academic progress if left untreated.

Using this Hand Workout Kit, is a simple way to solve this issue.

This set contains:

3 x hand & finger grip targeted stress balls

3 x Stretch and grip rings

6 x finger workout stretches

Each item has different strength values (Beginner, Medium, Advanced) so children can increase difficulty once feeling comfortable using the easiest level and improve their finger strength at their own ability.

Colours may vary.


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