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This large Paint stick box set is fantastic to use with younger children and children developing fine motor skills.

It allows children to practice the grasping technique, which is a necessar development stage. This can help with grasping other objects such as cups and toys and eventually smaller objects, such as holding a pencil or pen.

Children will feel a higher sense of control using these paint sticks, compared to painting with a narrow paint brush, because of the thick size of the paint stick being perfect for grasping.

This will allow your child to practice their creativity and feel in control of the outcome, making it an enjoyable experience for them and you. They will be able to create a range of eye catching art work that you can both be proud of.

Compared to regular paints, paint sticks can also be less messy because of the element of control your child has while painting. This can also be supported with the ability to adjust how much paint shows at the top of your paint stick. Similar to a glue stick, this can reduce waste and make the paint last longer.

This large paint stick box set comes with 20 vibrant colours. This gives your child a rainbow of choice when it comes to choosing how to create their masterpieces. They also provide a fantastic opportunity to learn colours and use as part of a colour matching activity.


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Things you and your child will love about these paint sticks: 

  • Perfect to grip for little ones
  • Can adjust amount of paint showing
  • 20 vibrant colours to choose from
  • Easy to use for your child
  • A fun way to practice creativity


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