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Handmade Origami Sunflower Bookmark.  

These Origami Sunflower Bookmarks are handmade using bright yellow paper and green folded card. This helps bookmarks last longer and be more durable. Each Sunflowers yellow shade may differ slightly in colour. This  is because different yellow craft paper has been used to create these unique  sunflowers. Each one of these Sunflowers are unique and have all been handmade with care.

To use these sunflowers, slot them onto the corner of your page, inside of your book. This will hold your place, until you are ready to pick up your book again and continue reading.

Plenty of time and care has went into making each one of these beautifully folded sunflowers. They are each hand-crafted to a pristine and quality handmade standard. This origami bookmark uses card for the backing of the sunflower. This is significantly thicker than the thin paper, traditionally used for origami making. This has been done purposely to creates a more durable, luxurious and quality finish.

Handmade yellow Origami Sunflower Bookmarks.

Did you know Sunflowers are the only flower with the word flower in their name?

We recommend gifting these beautiful bright sunflower’s either alone or with a book for a unique and cherished gift idea.  You can also keep them for yourself to create a relaxing reading experience.

Check them out in action:

These bookmarks are not only bright and beautiful, but can also protect your books, as apposed to folding the corners to keep our place when reading. Why not check out our bookmarks in action in this YouTube short from our Chamelifun channel on “Why you should use a bookmark”.

The Scary Sunflower Story

You can also enjoy using one of these bookmarks with “The Scary Sunflower” Story on our children’s book page and also enter into our children’s writing competition. This is open to all children until the 15th January and the winner is given the opportunity to have their own story book published.


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