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Pencil finger grips can be perfect the perfect writing aid while hand and finger muscles are still developing, which can be useful for handwriting practice. Children with ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia and other neurological developmental diagnoses may struggle with poor fine motor development. Another reason for poor fine motor development can be because of increased use of electronics.

By using these finger grips, children can start to practice handwriting, while building their much needed hand and finger muscle strength using methods such as therapy putty or the hand workout kit alongside practice. This set comes with different levels of hand grips to support your child’s development and comfort at each stage.

If a child is struggling with poor fine motor development, you may notice that they avoid handwriting or really dislike writing and they may complain of sore hands or fingers or the time taking to write. This could then effect academic progress if left untreated.

Using these pencil finger grips can aid and support handwriting development, providing comfort, while finger muscle strength is still developing.

This set contains:

16 x pencil finger grips in four different comfort styles to suit your child’s comfort and ability.

All finger grips are suitable for both left and right handed children.



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