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Reading Aid Overlays can be used to support children and adults with Dyslexia, ADHD or Irlens syndrome. They are particularly useful to reduce visual stress, that can be particularly apparent with either of the neurological conditions mentioned. Alongside, reducing stress that may happen with a new reader or a reader with visual sensory issues (SPD), that can also be a symptom of Autism.

These reading aid overlays work by sectioning out pages or parts of text either in a book or on an electronic device. This can stop words “jumping out” or “jumbling up” when a child or adult is focusing on reading.

This set includes different colours so you can test to see which colour works for you. Some colours work for certain people and some do not. This is useful to keep in mind when choosing what overlay you use when reading. You may also find a different overlay to work with a different background text, such as on an electronic device compared to a book or magazine.

Some children and adults may find smaller ruler lined overlays better for certain reading, as these can help focus on each line of text. However, full overlays are also included in this pack for readers who prefer to cover a larger area to support reading.

If your child is struggling with visual stress, they may dislike or avoid reading. Using a reading overlay could solve this problem and help make reading enjoyable.

In this pack you will receive:

6 x A4 overlays (29.7 x 21cm)

6 x smaller reading ruler overlays (19 x 7cm)

Colours will include: blue, green, yellow, pink, rose red and purple.

Please be aware there is a thin safety film on each overlay when receiving. Please remove this for best results.



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