“All types of hair gets tangled and tatty and sometimes it’s really hard to brush, but there was something different about Tatty Ava, Something magical!”

A book about a little girl who finds something new in the tangles and tats every time she brushes her magical curly hair.



“All types of hair gets tangled and tatty and sometimes it’s really hard to brush, but there was something different about Tatty Ava, Something magical!”

A book about a little girl who finds something new in the tangles and tats every time she brushes her magical curly hair.

This book has been purposefully created with the intention of helping children practice speech and language skills, visual perception skills and early maths skills. It includes many different items and animals throughout this story that are introduced in a fun way and allow children to practice and listen to a significant range of vocabulary. It gives opportunities to practice speech sounds as well as discuss positional language, colour and preemptive thinking skills.

On every page that Tatty Ava is on, there is a Chamelifun and a Rainbow Uni Fish hidden for children to find. It also has opportunities throughout the story to look for the correct amount of hidden items and additional silly items that our hidden in Tatty Ava’s hair, for example “5 crunchy apples”.



What age is this book for? 

We recommend ages 3-8, however have had many children younger and older enjoy this story. There is a small chance of children 0-3 ripping books, which is why we recommend from age 3, however, we know you know your child best and if they read with someone in their family this can be less likely to happen.

If your child is under 3 and is likely to want to read independently, but you worry about him/her ripping their books, please subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on when we release our board books that are suitable for newborns +

We have also had children age 9 enjoy this story as well as children up to the age of 14 with additional needs. Yet again, we trust you know if this book is suitable for your child and normally because of the interesting and engaging illustrations and important mission of both the author and publisher, we find adults always looking for an excuse to buy a copy.


How does this book improve speech and language: 

This book has been recommended by speech and language practitioners. This is due to the amount of opportunity that is given to practice and listen to speech and language. It allows for children to learn a range of new sounds, words and language.

This is an excellent resource for both discussion and work on speech sounds. It is an interesting book which keeps the children’s attention.” – A teacher who teaches at a speech and language specialist school.


How does the book promote diversity? 

One of the main reasons this book was created by the author, was to promote a diversity of characters. Layla noticed that there are not many characters that are mixed race or have curly hair and are presented in books in a fun, creative way that makes children admire and relate to these characters as being cool and fun.


Does this mean I have to be black/mixed race or have curly hair to buy this book? 

No! Definitely not! The whole point of creating books that have a diversity of characters, is not only for children who look like the character in some way to relate and feel connected, but for children who are in no way similar to the character to relate and feel connected to someone that is different to them. In the opinion of the author “this is how we stop racial prejudice and allow children to feel equal, by creating a diverse group of characters for all children to identify with”

By buying this book, you are also not only supporting the inclusion of diverse characters, but also supporting the inclusion of diverse authors. Did you know that minority groups are significantly under represented in the publishing industry? By buying this book, you support the change to represent more under represented groups in the book publishing industry.


Is this book only for girls? 

No! Definitely not! Many boys have and currently enjoy this story! By limiting the types of characters our children enjoy, we limit their empathy and understanding of people that are different than them. This is a topic that author, Layla Gibiliru, is also passionate about. And discusses how “many popular male characters in story books are promoted for girls enjoyment as well as boys, but for some reason when it comes to female characters, adults will hesitate that this makes their child feminine. This is completely wrong, children who read books about the opposite sex, have a higher understanding and empathy skills with the opposite sex, and it is not just women who will need to understand men, men need to understand women’s voices and perspectives. By buying a male character books for females but turning down female character books for males, you unintentionally promote a sexist attitude towards women that belittles their personality and ideas as being something that men can’t enjoy or be a part of. I have had people who have bought Tatty Ava for a female child in their family after initially thinking it was too feminine a male family member, then come back and tell me that it was their male family member who actually loved the book”.


Will any more Tatty Ava books be released? 

Layla Gibiliru is currently working on a Tatty Ava activity book, as well as some other unrelated projects. In the not so distant future she plans on making more Tatty Ava stories.

There are also plans for Tatty Ava merchandise to be released after popular requests from customers. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on when this will be!


Why should I buy a book: 

Books are such an important part of our children’s development, and owning a book as apposed to just reading a book makes a difference. Research from the national literacy trust finds that children who Own a book compared to children who don’t own a book are :

  • Six times more likely to read above the level expected for their age (22% vs 3.6%)
  • Nearly three times more likely to enjoy reading (56.2% vs 18.4%)
  • More than twice as likely to agree that reading is cool (42.5% vs 16.6%)

You don’t just invest in a book, you invest in your child.


About the Author

Layla Gibiliru, is the author and illustrator of Tatty Ava. She has grown up in Liverpool, in a mixed-race family, with a Liverpudlian mother and her father being originally from Yemen. This book has been inspired by her daughter who is part Ghanaian and has beautiful curly hair. Layla felt before creating Tatty Ava, that there were not many characters in stories that her daughter could relate to in a fun, natural way, without obviously identifying their differences. Tatty Ava was originally created for Layla’s daughter to help create confidence, self-esteem, laughter and spark imagination. It is important to Layla in her work to always give a variety of representation to provide equality in a fun, un-obvious way. In the past Layla has showcased art exhibitions that discuss the struggles of racial inequality and identity. This has been displayed independently and also as part of the Liverpool Arts festival, BlackFest in 2019. Layla also regularly volunteers in scouts and has been a Beaver leader for a Liverpool Scout group for the last 3 years.

Layla Gibiliru @laylagibiliru


Product information:

Dimentions: 25cm x 25cm

Printed and published in the United Kingdom of Great Britain