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“All types of hair gets tangled and tatty and sometimes it’s really hard to brush, but there was something different about Tatty Ava, Something magical!”

A children’s book about a little girl who finds something new in the tangles and tats every time she brushes her magical curly hair.

✔     Promotes imaginative thinking

✔     Encourages self care

✔     Search and Find

✔     Speech and Language development

✔     Early Maths skills

Intentional Learning in a Fun and engaging way!

This children’s book encourages children to brush their hair and think creatively about what they would like to find in their hair if they were like Tatty Ava. It has been purposefully created with the intention of helping children practice speech and language skills, visual perception skills and early maths skills. There are many different items and animals throughout this story that are introduced in a fun way and allow children to practice and listen to a significant range of vocabulary.  Children are given opportunities to practice speech sounds as well as discuss positional language, colour and preemptive thinking skills.

Search and Find

On every page that Tatty Ava is on, there is a Chamelifun and a Rainbow Uni Fish hidden for children to find. It also has opportunities throughout the story to look for the correct amount of hidden items and additional silly items that our hidden in Tatty Ava’s hair, for example “5 crunchy apples”.

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Product information:

Dimentions: 25cm x 25cm

Printed and published in the United Kingdom of Great Britain


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