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This Watercolour set is perfect for an artist who wants to try watercolour painting. With a selection of 12 colours to choose from, artists can explore selecting colours, colour blending and create watercolour masterpieces.

Watercolour painting can be a beautiful process and only needs the addition of water to be added with your paintbrush. Colours can be vibrant but also not overwhelming due to the fluid like nature of blending with water.

This set comes in a tin, so it can be easily portable and not limited to creating art at home. Why not visit a park and paint a tree or visit a museum and paint a sculpture. The possibilities are endless with this beautiful set.

What you will love about this watercolour set:

  • It contains 12 beautiful colours to choose from
  • Colours are enclosed in a tin, making this set portable
  • Lid can be used as a mixing pallet


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